Hi, I’m Brian and I want to shoot you.  

I am a Wedding Photographer in Cornwall and live in the beautiful town of Falmouth.  I live here with Michelle, our daughter Martha and our  son Jesse.


Born and raised in Birmingham I discovered a love for photography around the age of 11.  I was always wanting to use my parents camera and then one birthday they brought me my own.  I took pictures of everything!   Family, friends, holidays, birthdays, nights out, gigs.  This was long before everyone had a camera in their pocket.  Everything was taken on film and I have hundreds of albums with all of these wonderful memories in.

I moved to Cornwall in 2005 and lived in Newquay for the first five years.  Apart from being a surf bum, I rekindled my love of photography. I got my hands on a DSLR and discovered a whole new world of taking pictures.    

A little more about me:

Every day begins with coffee.
I listen to music all the time. Metal, & rock was my first love, but my tastes now cover a huge range of songs and genres.  I usually have 6 Music on in the background and am always listening out for something new.  Check out what I’m listening to now –  2019 playlist on Spotify.
I go to a lot of gigs, I sometimes photograph them too.  Next gig is in December when I see idles in London.
I read a lot of books. Current reading Beastie Boys Book.  Other favourites include Henry Rollins, Neil Gaiman, Cormac McCarthy, Chuck Palahniuk, Charles Bukowski, Christopher Brookmyre and a good rock n’ roll biography.
Box sets, don’t we all love them!  Currently loving – Mr Robot, Watchmen, Rick and Morty, the Walking Dead, and Preacher.
And a few to finish with… I surf, have lots of tattoos, pretend that I’m a good cook and enjoy a beer from Verdant Brewing.

Now that we’ve broken the ice, have a look around the website and get in contact.  I’d love to hear about your Wedding plans!


wedding photographer cornwall about me(Boardmasters 2017.  Photo credit – Andy Soden)


Wedding Photographer Cornwall