Brian Jonestown Massacre – Live in Falmouth

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Live in Falmouth

Brian Jonestown Massacre - Live - Falmouth Brian Jonestown Massacre - Live - Falmouth

Review by Jack Ninnis.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre have been around for a long time. They formed in San Francisco nearly 26 years ago and have been releasing their shoegazey brand of psychedelic rock to critical if not commercial acclaim ever since.

Predominantly a creative outlet for singer/writer Anton Newcombe, they have churned out 14 albums along with numerous EPs, singles and vinyl-only releases. A group more than comfortable on some of the biggest festival and venue stages it seems an inspired booking for the Pavilion.
BJM are undeniably a cult band but despite this they drew a large crowd in Falmouth on Monday and those who could make it were in for a treat.
There was no support act to get things going – just three hours straight of swaggering swashbuckling rock’n’roll.

Joel Gion posturing out front as surely the slickest tambourine player to date. Anton Newcombe at his sulky artistic best (having a go at a guitar tech, the crowd and even his own band), the Massacre driving things along with determined vigour.
This is not a band just going through the motions to pick up the cheques like so many other revived ’90s outfits. They play with an urgency and intent, mixing new material with earlier releases; Anenome came closest to lifting off the roof.

They are still writing, creating and pushing forward, showing no signs of slowing down and long may that continue.