How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in 6 Steps

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can sometimes be confusing and stressful; choosing your wedding photographer shouldn’t be.  I’ve pulled together some tips and tricks on how to choose your wedding photographer without the stress.


How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer Cornwall


1. Set a Budget


Planning a wedding is expensive so that’s why budgeting is so important. Get an idea of how much you’d like to spend before you start shopping around. This will make it easier to determine which photographers are in your budget and help make choosing someone to capture your special day a little less stressful.



How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


2. Find Your Style


You only need to take a glimpse at Pinterest to see there are many different styles of wedding photography. Some people prefer relaxed reportage style photography, capturing candid smiles, whilst other brides prefer traditional formal shots. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in-between the two. Whatever you choose, you need to ensure your photographer will capture the photos as you imagine it.


How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer Falmouth


3. See Portfolios


The proof is in the pudding. Never book a photographer without seeing a diverse portfolio that shows they’re able to consistently produce great wedding photographs. You’ll cherish these photographs for years to come, so scrutiny is needed here. Check their website isn’t just a highlight of their best shots, as you’ll want fantastic shots all day long! Great photographers will have galleries of multiple weddings shot at different locations, demonstrating their ability to deliver beautiful images regardless of lighting.




4. Ask for Testimonials


One of the skills of a photographer is to capture the intimate moments of your wedding day without getting in the way or being a distraction. Although you’ll spend the majority of the day in pure wedded-bliss, there will be times you’ll need to engage with your photographer to get those formal shots. It’s crucial you feel comfortable to get relaxed, natural images, so it’s important you like the photographer’s personality as well as their images. Testimonials are a great way to get an idea of the photographer’s personality, beyond the portfolio.


Stone Barn Wedding


5. Do They Know Your Venue?


Good photographers can adapt to any venue or location, but it’s a real benefit if your photographer has shot at your wedding venue before. They won’t get lost trying to find the venue, and they’ll know things like the little secret spot hidden in the garden that makes for the perfect backdrop. If you can’t find a photographer that has shot at your venue then choosing a local photographer is the next best thing, as they’ll benefit from knowing nearby beauty spots for formal shots, too.

Some of the venues shown in this post include:  The Greenbank Hotel, Pendennis Castle and Stone Barn.


portscatho wedding


6. Arrange a Meeting

Last but not least, meet with a photographer ahead of booking. You’ll be able to talk through all of your ideas and concerns, which will help you figure out if they’re a good fit for your special day. Be sure to arm yourself with some questions you might want to ask, such as “How long does it take until we get to see our photographs?” or “Is a wedding album included in the price?”


Wedding Photographer Cornwall

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer