A few nights ago I was at the Princess Pavilions in Falmouth to shoot the Palma Violets show for the West Briton (Richard Whitehouse’s full review here and also below).  I managed to catch the end of local band ‘Tinnedfruit’ who opened the night, but plan to catch them again next week.
Yak were the surprise highlight of the night, one of the most exciting new bands that I’ve seen in a long time!  An Judging by this performance they should be playing the NME Tour of which Palma Violets are about to headline.
Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth Palma Violets + Yak - Live - Falmouth
Review of the show by Richard Whitehouse
Sometimes I wonder if I have got to that stage in my life where I can go to a gig by a band I haven’t seen before and think to myself: “I’ve heard all this before.”
I fear that now I am the wrong side of 35 there is little left to excite me in the field of British indie rock and Palma Violets last night were a case in point.
But before I get to all that due praise has to be paid to support bands Tinnedfruit and Yak.
Having heard neither of them before and not knowing what to expect it was good to come across two bands who I will watch out for in the future.
Tinnedfruit were doing nothing groundbreaking with their set which seemed to be heavily influenced by the early nineties Seattle sound but they were interesting enough to hold my attention and seemed to have enough tunes to carry this trio onto a bigger stage – surely a good tip for the lower bills of this year’s cavalcade of music festivals across Cornwall…
Yak were infused with a confidence bordering on arrogance but with a nice twist of merging heavy basslines and crunching guitars with noddling keyboard sounds they injected some energy into the early moribund Pavilions’ crowd.
And their explosive exit with their frontman diving unannounced into the drummer took me back 20 years once again.
So, to the Palma Violets, a band who have been causing a stir in the NME – taking a slot on the magazine’s forthcoming awards tour no less – and from the crowd reaction it is clear there is a lot of love for the band.
And with their singalong choruses and energetic sounds it’s easy to see why for the new generation this is something exciting.
But, at the risk of sounding old and boring, it’s all been done before.
However for the youngsters in the crowd the opportunity to see NME cover stars up close is too good to miss and they throw themselves into the gig with gusto.
It’s just a shame that not more of their peers joined them – seriously, in a university town where the heck is the crowd when one of the brightest young bands in Britain turns up on their doorstep?
It made no difference to Palma Violets, they delivered a crowd pleasing set which, for the teenagers in the venue, could well become a “I was there” moment in the future should they continue their upward trajectory.