Reef – Live – Falmouth

Reef - Live - Falmouth

Last week saw Reef return to Cornwall for a live show at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth.  I went along for Shutter 16 Magazine to cover the show.

Reef - Live - Falmouth

Tonight’s show was close to a sell out and when Reef hit the stage the Friday night crowd were up for it. Opening with one of their newer songs “Just Feel Love” and then an old one “Higher Vibration” they ease the crowd in before hitting them with the classic “Come Back Brighter”. Vocalist Gary Stringer swaggers around the stage and I’d honestly forgotten what a powerful voice he has and how it really is the soul of their songs. Completing the band are new (ish) guitarist Jesse James Wood, drummer Dominic Greensmith and bassist Jack Bessant. Bessant is an absolute powerhouse of a bass player; barefooted and his bass strung low, the sound is immense.

Reef - Live - Falmouth

Long time fan favourite and anthem to many “Place Your Hands” make a mid-set appearance. It probably draws the biggest sing a long of the night but the crowd are then treated to a collection of new and old songs up to a stunning version of “Naked”, the song that pretty much introduced the world to Reef. They returned for an encore withI’ve Got Something to Saywhich also had Stringer playing guitar. They closed the set with “Yer Old”, cue the mass sing a long and then it was all over.

Reef - Live - Falmouth

Tonight showed that Reef lived up to their reputation of being a fantastic live band and you could really tell how much they are enjoying being on stage. There have been many ups and downs but I feel this is an up and I look forward to hearing some new material soon.

Reef - Live - FalmouthReef - Live - FalmouthReef - Live - FalmouthReef - Live - FalmouthReef - Live - FalmouthReef - Live - Falmouth

Saint Agnes

Opening the show were London based Saint Agnes. This four piece play some dirty bourbon soaked psychedelic rock n’ roll and have the songs to back it up. I’d briefly checked out their single Sister Electric before tonight and it sounded just as powerful live.




Just Feel Love

Higher Vibration

Come Back Brighter

Stone for Your Love



How I Got Over

Paint It Black


New Bird

Ball & Chain

Place Your Hands

I Would Have Left You

Don’t You Like It?

My Sweet Love

Summer’s in Bloom


I’ve Got Something to Say

Don’t Go Changing Your Mind


Yer Old

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