Tinnedfruit – Live – Sorry Guys Album Launch

Tinnedfruit - Live - Sorry Guys Album Launch

Last night Tinnedfruit celebrate the release of their new LP ‘Sorry Guys’.  (head to the Tinnedfruit bandcamp to listen & buy).  It was another riotous night of garage punk in Falmouth with support from Cpt.Prang & SunBruise.

Tinnedfruit - Live - Sorry Guys Album Launch Tinnedfruit - Live - Sorry Guys Album Launch tinnedfruit-sorry-guys-launch tinnedfruit-sorry-guys-launch

Cpt. Prang

Tinnedfruit - Live - Sorry Guys Album Launch Tinnedfruit - Live - Sorry Guys Album Launch

A review of Tinnedfruit – Sorry Guys by Craig Taylor-Broad.  Also find it over on Vulture Hound.

There are some images certain people have when they think of Cornwall; artists painting boats, musicians playing acoustic guitars on barges dressed as folklore characters and people walking around with pasties in their hands. Luckily over the past couple of years a few acts have managed to break out onto mainstream publication to prove that underlying this horrendously misinformed image is a barrage of angst and fuzz ridden sounds courtesy of the music scene bubbling away in the county. And having released the songs ‘Yeti’ and ‘Sunsucker’ last year, it looks increasingly likely that Tinnedfruit could be the next band to blow away any ideas that the UK stops at Plymouth (or Bristol if you’re being super critical).

So, now I’ll explain the band’s second album, Sorry Guys, the best way I know how; Imagine the grotesque tonal grittiness of Nirvana‘s Bleach alongside Kurt’s raspy screams, throw in some garage style drumming, add the occasional sun soaked Beach Boy’s guitar riff with an added injection of heroin fueled psychedelia, a slight touch of old school punk and I’m probably still a mile off but at least we’re getting closer, right?

Highlights here are the aforementioned ‘Yeti’; a sub two minutes drumming cluster fuck of a garage track, its tempo at full tilt with new drummer Alex Smith’s technical prowess dribbling all over the track (and the hi-hats). ‘Girlbrain’, another sub two-minute track, is a glorious rhythm monster that if played live would make your insides curdle.

‘Selfdom’ is a raspy grunge song that plays with the quiet verse loud chorus dynamic. Here, singer Danny Withers’ almost lazily performed vocals explode into cracked shouts as melancholic pop harmonies are layered beneath to great effect. Then there’s ‘Sunsucker’, a track that summed up last summer for me and still beneath its brash distortion recalls the heat of sun. If there were ever to be a breakthrough mainstream track for the band then this is probably it with the main vocal line, “I’m soaking up the sun and I won’t get any work done” just begging to be sung by a festival crowd.

However, the standout track on Sorry Guys is final song, ‘The Laughter’. Here, the band slow down proceedings and let the fuzz subside to reveal the most melodic guitar playing on the album. At its climax a fuzzy yet melodic crescendo hits your ears complete with some absolutely brilliant bass fills.

In Sorry Guys Tinnedfruit have made an album that sounds raw, harsh and DIY yet still feels polished and listenable. Pull away the chaos and fuzz and you’ve got a record that, given the chance, people will dance to. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s a strong attempt at capturing a live energy.

People need to start paying attention to this band and they need to start now.