wilderness weddings photography

Wilderness Weddings Photography

”Perfectly captured by Brian — Thank you so much, we could not recommend you highly enough.

Wilderness Weddings Photography | Laura & Matt

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Wilderness Weddings is an idyllic woodland venue hidden away in Kent.

Laura & Matt’s originally booked me for their Wilderness Weddings Photography for 2020. But you know, when global pandemics hit, they annoyingly mess with your plans.

After how hard the last few years have been for everyone, we just wanted everyone to have a good time and celebrate with us‘.  


But when we finally got here, it was time to celebrate. And if ever there was a time to celebrate, then this was it!


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Wilderness Weddings Photography

So, not only were Laura & Matt a dream to work and spend time with, but they also happened to pick one of the best venues in the UK in Wilderness Weddings.  


Wilderness is an idyllic woodland venue hidden away in Kent, surrounded by woods and water meadows, lakes and fragrant wildflowers. It gave Laura & Matt an escape into a natural space to bring their shared love of music & festivals to their day.


One of their favourite music festivals is Wilderness Festival in Oxford, so for the wedding, they wanted to find an outdoor venue that had a similar vibe, glamping and somewhere to keep the party going long into the night. It felt like a coincidence when they found Wilderness Weddings and they fell in love with the venue straight away. 


Laura said that it was so perfectly aligned with everything we were looking for!


Their Wilderness Wedding Ceremony took place in the Boat House, which has wonderful views over the lake, and incredible Wilderness surroundings. This was the perfect space for their festival style wedding. 


Looking back on the day Laura & Matt said, 

‘It exceeded expectations in all regards! After being delayed for so long having everyone in one place was so incredibly special to us. We have so many special memories from that day. The venue was gorgeous, the food outstanding, the weather was perfect (we got lucky) and the incredible set performed by our very own wedding band was the icing on the cake! 

The live music got everyone into such a joyous spirit. Especially having been such a rarity during various lockdowns. It was a truly electric atmosphere


Have Laura & Matt sold Wilderness Weddings to you yet?

Wilderness Weddings Photographer

Venue: Wilderness Weddings, Kent
Wedding Dress:  Temperley London
Caterers and Cake:  Just One Cook
Beer:  Verdant Brewing Co.
Flowers:  Tiggiwinkle
Band:  Audio Globe

Wilderness Weddings in Kent was exactly what Laura & Matt wanted for their festival themed wedding and they booked my Full Day Package


Talking about what they wanted from their Wilderness Weddings Photography, Laura & Matt had this to say.

‘I think trust is really important for wedding photography. I’d met Brian through mutual friends, and while I couldn’t say we knew each other well, I just knew he’d do a fantastic job of capturing our wedding. 

The thing I particularly loved about Brian’s work, was his Live Music Photography. You get a clear sense that there is an incredible instinct for being where the action is. For our wedding that was the most important thing for us. 

Personally, I’m super awkward in front of the camera so I felt more comfortable with a more candid style of photography that didn’t feel staged. Brian delivered this superbly. Directing the group shots when we needed him and quietly capturing all the joyous moments we’d have otherwise missed. An incredible job all around and we couldn’t be happier with the way our celebration was captured’!



If you are you planning a Wilderness Wedding and feel that my style of wedding photography is what you’re looking for? Then give me a shout