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Your Wedding Gallery

Hello beautiful people!


If you have found your way here, you will be looking for your wedding gallery. And this means that you have passed your first wedding anniversary. After 12 months, all of my galleries automatically archive (This is how my gallery hosting provider operates).  


Although you can’t currently see them, I can reassure you that there is more than one copy of your wedding pictures stored safely somewhere. 


The achieved gallery means that you are no longer be able to access them, but the good news is, if you’d like me to continue to keep your wedding photos online I can unarchive them. But, this does incur a modest annual fee (again, this is down to my gallery hosting provider and the fee is what I am charged to continue hosting your gallery after 12 months). This means that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a hosted gallery, which if you need a little reminder, includes:


  • Peace of mind that your photos are stored lovingly and securely by people who do this for a living – they’ll have backups of their backups should you ever lose your copy or forget where you filed them
  • It’s a quick, easy and more enjoyable way of viewing your photographs than paging through them one by one on your computer – you can see the whole story laid out before you, yet quickly navigate to a particular set of photos
  • They’re super easy to share with friends and family who want to see your photos – or who ask you for a copy of that great picture taken at your wedding a bazillion years ago
  • They’re linked to a store where at the push of a button you can order prints or frames of your favourite images to be delivered as gifts or for yourself – great for anniversaries and other big occasions that can sneak up on you


Sound pretty good? Well, if you’d like me to continue hosting your gallery, it’s just £35 for a whole year of hosting. 


As an introductory offer, I’ll be giving an extra six months for free, so you’ll get 18 months for the price of twelve. And renewing is simple…you’ll get reminders as the gallery expiration date is approaching, and you can simply decide if you want to continue or cancel the subscription.


If you’re happy with your own set up then no worries at all, but just please, please have more than one copy somewhere as once my subscription with my current provider ends your photos will no longer be online for you to access.


So what do I do now?


Simply drop me an email at to say that you want your gallery re-hosted, I’ll send you details of how to make the payment. And then I’ll send you the new link to your gallery.


If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to ask, I’m here to help.