Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls live in Falmouth 2015

Frank Turner
The last time I saw Frank Turner he was playing at the Eden Sessions in 2012.

That time I was there to enjoy the show.  This time was a big one for me as it’s not often I get to photograph a gig where I am a big fan of the artist!  I was a little excited, but managed to contain myself for a few songs to get some shots then enjoyed the rest of the two hour show!

Frank Turner

Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls Setlist

Get Better
If Ever I Stray
Losing Days
One Foot Before the Other
Out of Breath
The Road
Peggy Sang the Blues
Polaroid Picture
I Am Disappeared
Long Live the Queen
The Opening Act of Spring
The Ballad of Me and My Friends
Live Fast Die Old
Wessex Boy
Plain Sailing Weather
Glory Hallelujah
Reasons Not to Be an Idiot
Try This at Home
The Next Storm
The Angel Islington
The Way I Tend to Be
I Still Believe
Four Simple Words