Those Wedding Rings is the third in a series of posts where I’m taking a look at some of the finer details of the Wedding Day. Previously I have looked at at the First Kiss and the Wedding Dress. Both were collections of the important elements and moments that are part of all Wedding days.


Choosing Those Wedding Rings is another extremely personal and potentially stressful part of your day.  Over the years I’ve seen and photographed hundreds of Wedding Rings and no two have been the same.  Every couple will bring their personalities and love into their choice of rings.  Some are shiny and new, some have been personally handmade. And some are family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Although Michelle & I are not yet married, we have been engaged for a number of years. (we should really set a date!).  Before I proposed I knew that I’d like to give Michelle my Mum’s engagement ring.  Luckily she said yes and now wears the ring.

At some point of the Wedding Day I will ask the couple if I can borrow those wedding rings for a short time. I will use this time to take a few pictures of the rings and try to include some element of the day.  This could be the wedding theme, favours, gifts or the location.  This was an approach that I learnt from another Wedding Photographer – Steve Gerrard.  I attended one of Steve’s Wedding Photography Workshops and was his second shooter for a couple of weddings.  This had helped me get the pictures of some of the wonderful Wedding Rings that you see here now.
Like all weddings there is a wonderful story to accompany them.   I hope you enjoy this collection of Wedding Rings and how they become part of the couples story.

Those Wedding Rings

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