Best of 2014 – Brian Robinson Photography

Best of 2014 - Brian Robinson Photography
2014 you have been treated me well in many ways.  I have photographed many wonderful weddings around Cornwall and the UK. I got to photograph a musician with a top 10 album and the Red Arrows from a boat off Falmouth Bay.  And to put the icing on the cake Michelle & I brought our first house together.

Best of 2014 - Brian Robinson Photography

The Best of 2014 – Brian Robinson Photography is a collection of my favourite wedding and live music images from what has been an exceptional year. From St Ives to Wiltshire and many more North Cornwall Weddings, 2014 was busy.  And a lot of fun.
Some highlights from the Weddings…  It’s not every day that you get to see the Doritos band ‘The Mariachi’ playing and then welcoming the Wedding couple as they arrive by helicopter!  And then the following day I was out on a boat in Falmouth Bay as the Red Arrows put on yet another amazing display.  These are times where I can say how much I truly love my job, no two days are the same!
And the Live Music highlights include Nick Mulvey playing to a sold out Falmouth crowd with his album reaching the top 10 in the charts.

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